1. Plan Procurement Management

Process to describe guidance for acquiring Goods and Services from Sellers. Predominantly it provides guidance whether to acquire or not?. If so, who are potential sellers etc. How the procurement management will be developed till contract closure.

1. Outputs:

(1.1) Procurement Management Plan: It provides guidance for

- Types of contracts to be used
- Risk Management issues (Transferred/Mitigated between Buyer and Seller)
- Establishing form and format to be used for Procurement Statement of work
- Procurement Metrics to measure seller Performance
- Setting the scheduled dates for contract deliverables
- Identifying pre-qualified sellers to be used
- Managing Multiple Sellers
- Handling Make or buy decisions
- Form and Format of Procurement Documents

(1.2) Procurement SOW

- Scope to be outsourced
- Quantity Desired
- Quality Metrics expected to accomplish
- Performance Data
- Technical Approach adopted by Sellers
- Milestones and associated Payment Terms
- Milestones and associated quality bar expected
- Roles and Responsibilities among Buyer and Seller organizations

(1.3) Procurement Documents

-Information for Bid
-Request For proposal
-Request for Quote
- Tender Notice

(1.4) Source Selection Criterion

-Seller's technical Capability
- Over all life Cycle Cost
-Seller's past performance
- Weightage formula approach to select potential sellers among the contesting sellers for the proposal

(1.5) Make or Buy Decisions : Why we are adopting to Buy out of the alternatives we have at hand?

(1.6) Change Requests: How to honor Change Requests and the process for Change control Board.

(1.7) Project Document Updates

2. Tools and Techniques:

(2.1) Make-or-buy analysis:
- When to buy? when to make? why?
- Core capabilities of sellers organization?
- Past record of Value delivered by listed Vendors?
- Risks associated/shared between buyer and seller considering direct and indirect costs

(2.2) Expert Judgment helps selecting/evaluating seller

(2.3) Market Research: Info gained from "Conferences online reviews" to identify market capabilities/ seller capabilities

(2.4) Meetings: with Potential Sellers

3. Inputs:

- Project Management Plan
- Requirements Documents
- Risk Register
- Activity Resource Requirements
- Project Schedule
- Activity Cost Estimates
- Stakeholder Register
- Enterprise Environmental factors  (Market conditions, Supplier info, Terms and Conditions for products)
- Org Process Assets ( Lessons Leant, Policies, Procedures, Templates, guidelines etc.)